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Money = Happiness?

August 23, 2006
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Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty.
  – Leo Rosten

Tru Dat.  Personally, I’d rather be miserable and rich than miserable and poor.  It isn’t so much that I care about buying up everything around me, nor do I need an MTV “Cribs”-worthy home.  I would simply like my time to be mine to pursue whatever I want to do, and not have to sell myself to the “MAN” for whatever meager salary I’m being paid for a job where I spend more than half my waking life.


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Quote that I made up a while ago

August 16, 2006
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“The more I learn about what I know is the more I know there is much more to know about what I thought I knew.” – Scorwitz

This just came from being in school and learning about singing in the vocal studio.  Everytime I thought I knew it all, I would learn some new piece of information that would open up a whole new world to me.

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Made up today

August 16, 2006
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“I had the great misfortune of learning the meaning of life before earning any money” -Scorwitz

This one comes from temping at a law firm and eating lunch in the cafeteria where all these future attornies (current law school students) are sitting around talking about how much money they want to make and where they want their careers to go.  I’m figuring that at least half of them will eventually decide, probably during their midlife crisis, that money isn’t everything and they’ll quit practicing law.  Fortunately for them they will already have amassed a small fortune, and I’ll still be a poor singer, trying to follow my passion.

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